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At Bridal and Tuxedo Galleria you will find a great variety of accessories to choose from, including headpieces, veils, jewelry, belts, and more. Book an accessories appointment with a consultant to find the perfect match to your dress!


Veils are the most iconic bridal accessory and have the power to change your whole wedding day look—not to mention there are so many different types!


Birdcage veils are short veils typically made of netting. They only cover a portion of a bride’s face and fall above or just at the chin. These veils can add a vintage vibe depending on how you style them, or are perfect for a bride having a more casual wedding, perhaps a Sunday luncheon, garden party or intimate experience between partners at city hall. Apply the comb to the crown of your head and drape the netting over your face.


You guessed it: an elbow-length veil falls right around the elbows or just below to the waistline. This kind of veil is flattering with nearly all dress types and is perfect for the bride looking for a fuss-free style. Apply the comb to the either the crown of your head or below or above your chignon or hairstyle so the veil falls right at your elbows.


A fingertip veil falls at or right below the fingertips. It can add drama without the hassle of it dragging behind you! Fingertip veils commonly come in two-tier styles (a.k.a. a blusher to cover your face for the ceremony and a longer veil for the reception) and a variety of laces and beading can be applied. Apply the veil just as you would an elbow-length.


Leaving a train trailing beyond the bridal dress, a cathedral veil is the longest veil style, as it mimics the aisle of a cathedral. Looking for drama? A cathedral veil makes for stunning photos and will also help to elongate your dress without the added weight of a long train. Because cathedral veils can be heavy due to their length (if you’ve gone with added beading and embroidery), make sure your hair stylist secures your veil with lots of pins, and also think about wearing your veil higher up on your head, near your crown.


The Mantilla veil frames the face in lace and is typically worn 2 inches from the hairline. They come is a variety of widths and lengths and are definitely statement pieces. Don’t forget to match the lace to your dress when choosing your veil, or add drama to an otherwise simple gown by wearing an ornate lace mantilla.

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Head Pieces


A headband is a structured piece—it sits behind your ear and only goes half way around your head. Headbands are a great option if you plan to wear your hair down, as your hair will cover the part of the headband without any embellishment. 


Combs come in sizes ranging from teeny to large (and everything in between). Place one behind your ear, double up to pull your hair back on both sides, or accent your up do with a comb.


Hair pins come in sets or singular—perfect for adding a bit of sparkle to your look without taking the attention away from your face (and obviously your stunning wedding dress!)


A crown sits on top of your head, with gems and crystals around the entire headpiece. This option gives your wedding look a royal and stately feel, and is great for a black or white tie wedding.


Tiaras sit on top of your head, with gems and crystals situated towards the front of the headpiece. A tiara is perfect for the bride who might want to wear a crown, but doesn’t quite want to commit to a larger and heavier headpiece. Tiaras also give off a romantic, royal feeling similar to the crown but are versatile enough for a variety of different wedding themes.


A vine is malleable and usually made of a thin metal, meaning it can be shaped anyway you would like it. Wear it in a halo style, like a headband, wrap it around your bun—there are so many options for this versatile piece!

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